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PNPM Mandiri Rural Infrastucture Technical Evaluation Report 2012 Final Report : Findings and Recommendations

Author: Irfan Kortschak, Neil Neate, P.Eng
Publish Year: 2013
Publisher: Kementerian Negara Perencanaan Pembangunan Nasional; Badan Perencanaan Pembangunan Nasional; Kemente, Jakarta
Language: Indonesia
Topic: Evaluasi, infrastruktur, Laporan, new publication, Rekomendasi, teknis, Temuan
the PNPM Rural program was first established in 2007, building upon a predecessor program, The Kecamatan Development Project (KDP), which was established in 1998. PNPM Rural in a core component of PNPM Mandiri, the Government of Indonesia's (GOI) main program for community-based poverty alleviation efforts. The Technical Evaluation (TE) was conduction by a team of seven engineers and an architect. The evaluation covered all sub-project within subject villages funded by PNPM Rural, PNPM Green, PNPM Generasi, BKPG (Bantuang Keuangan Pembangunan Gampong, fund for Village Welfare Assistance), PNPM's post-disaster recovary and post-crisis programs, and other associated sources of funding.

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