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PNPM Mandiri Information Kit 2014

Author: PNPM Support Facility, Sekretariat Pokja Pengendali PNPM Mandiri
Publish Year: 2014
Publisher: Sekretariat Pokja Pengendali PNPM Mandiri bekerjasama dengan PSF, Jakarta
Language: Indonesia
Topic: Information Kit, Information Package, Paket Informasi, Peta Jalan, PNPM Mandiri, Profil, Profile, Road map, UU Desa, Village Law
Information Package 2014 contains profiles of PNPM Mandiri as a national program of poverty reduction in Indonesia. Equipped with an explanation of the basic principles, components of the program, the scope of works, and institutional information. This book also includes PNPM road map, the five pillars of the program as well as brief review of the implementation of Law no. 6, 2014 on Village.

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