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Expanding and Diversifying Indonesia's Program for Community Empowerment 2007-2012 - Science of Delivery Case Study

Author: World Bank Group
Publish Year: 2014
Publisher: World Bank, DC (The World Bank Group), Jakarta
Edition:1st ed
Language: English
Topic: Science of Delivery Case Study
This newly-released Science of Delivery case study presents an account of the PNPM program’s inception and scaling-up from 2007 to 2012, with a particular focus on implementation processes and the causal factors that enabled PNPM to achieve initial successes and subsequently broaden its scope to reach Indonesia’s rural poor. It focuses on how the program was implemented, in particular through focusing on three core questions about delivery: 1) How can a successful community driven development program be extended to hard to reach and remote geographical locations?; 2) How can the focus of a community driven program be expanded beyond physical infrastructure to address social needs (such as health and education?; 3) How can a community driven development program be reformed to better serve stigmatized and disenfranchised segments of the population? It was one of five pilot case studies undertaken as part of the World Bank’s Science of Delivery Case Study initiative, which is working to build a library of case studies from around the world to give practitioners access to operational know-how and improve the quality of operations. The Science of Delivery is a collective and cumulative knowledge base of delivery know-how to help practitioners make more informed decisions and produce consistent results on the ground. The Science of Delivery case studies aim to capture implementation processes and build a collective and cumulative body of operational knowledge and know-how to help development practitioners deliver better results. The case study method provides insights into delivery successes and failures, helping to identify why a particular outcome occurred. Requests for more information on the Science of Delivery Case Study initiative can be addressed to: scienceofdelivery@worldbank.org

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