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2014 PSF Progress Report

Narae Choi, Niruban Balachandran
Publish Year: 2015
Publisher: PNPM Support Facility, Jakarta
Language: English
Topic: Annual Report, Laporan Tahunan, Progress Report
The core business of the PNPM Support Facility (PSF) is reducing poverty by supporting the effective leadership and management of the Government of Indonesias (GOI) flagship poverty reduction program, the National Program for Community Empowerment, PNPM, which is the largest communitybased poverty reduction program in the world. Through PSF, development partners provide highquality coordinated technical assistance as well as policy and planning advice and targeted financial assistance to the GOI in support of PNPM. This report presents the progress made in 2014 of the PNPM Core programs and those under the PSFs four operational windows. With the transition to the implementation of the Village Law starting in early 2015, a number of projects supporting various aspects of PNPM came to a close during this year. The ongoing projects have made necessary adjustments to a new policy and institutional environment.