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Local Solutions to Poverty Annual Progress Report 2016

Author: Local Solutions to Poverty
Publish Year: 2017
Publisher: Local Solutions to Poverty, Jakarta
Language: English
Topic: Annual Report, Laporan Tahunan, Progress Report, Local Solutions to Poverty, PSF Progress Report
The core business of the Local Solutions to Poverty (LSP) Facility is supporting the effective leadership and management of the Government of Indonesias programs to improve the quality of life of Indonesians through local development solutions to poverty and inequality. Through LSP, development partners provide high-quality coordinated technical assistance as well as policy advice and targeted financial assistance to the Government. This report describes LSPs progress against the End-of-Facility Outcomes (EOFOs) from January to December 2016, and represent the transitional output from PNPM Support Facility (PSF) to the new LSP.

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