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PSF Single Donor Trust Fund 2016 Annual Progress Report

Author: PNPM Support Facility
Publish Year: 2017
Publisher: PNPM Support Facility - World Bank Group, Jakarta
Language: English
Topic: Annual Report, PNPM Support Facility, Progress Report, SDTF, Single Donor Trust Fund
For over 16 years, the World Bank has supported community and village development in Indonesia through The PNPM Support Facility (PSF). PSF has provided technical assistance, analytical and advisory activities, as well as operations that support the implementation of the Government of Indonesia’s community-based poverty alleviation platform, including its flagship National Program for Community Empowerment (PNPM Rural). Through this platform and its associated programs, the Government has invested in the capacity of communities to identify development priorities and manage resources equitably and accountably. With support from the PSF USAID Trust Fund, the World Bank has supported PNPM Rural activities including disaster management and the post-financial crisis. The USAID Trust Fund has also supported the Government’s efforts on PNPM Urban in Aceh (Urban). This report highlight the progress of PSF final year in 2016.

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